Why choosing the location for the 2026 World Cup final won’t be easy

One of the juiciest battles of the 2026 men’s soccer World Cup is taking place well ahead of time — and involves neither a ball kicked in anger, nor a kickoff whistle blown.

Over the coming months — five years after the United Bid of the United States, Mexico and Canada was awarded staging rights to soccer’s greatest showcase and a full three before on-field hostilities commence — some of America’s heavyweight cities are slugging it out for the honor of staging the game that matters above all others.

The World Cup final is up for grabs. And it’s getting a little bit spicy.

Los Angeles, New York and Dallas lead the way in terms of putting forward their case to be selected as the venue where the title of the world’s best team will get decided. If the most recent final is anything to go by, a game for the ages that saw Lionel Messi finally lift Argentina to ultimate glory, you can see why they’re trying so hard.

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